I made my first fusing piece of work in my own small glass kiln in 1998. It was a pretty modest achievement, but finally lit a passion for this demanding material. I felt I had succeeded.


That was the beginning of the study, continuing experimentation and searching. My artistic journey was commenced.

The tools I used were a glass knife and a small grinder and as material, fusible glass sheets and compatible glass rods. These materials I still use and the glass knife is the most important hand tool for me.

All my production is based on craft. I make myself all those many steps that are required before the final work is completed and settled into shape.

I am looking for experience and influences around me, where ever I go. In nature I calm down, take a deep breath in the shadow of a forest or on the high seas. The urban city beat and world travel get my imagination in motion and provide seeds of inspiration.
The long dark autumn of my home country awakens my senses and makes me restless. Then the pencil draws on the paper, demands and makes suggestions.

In my works fantasies rich in colour settle down, colours become steady and patterns calm down.
Transparent, clear glass material has been exchanged along the way for mat opal glass. Shape has kept its clear simpleness but the patterns and the surface of the glass are changing…